Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press

MFASummaryNewHaaretzJerusalem PostYediot AharonotMa’arivGlobesIsrael Hayom   The Jerusalem Post comments on the “long and hard-fought victory, bequeathed by one generation to another,” that resulted in this week’s cabinet decision that created an area for pluralistic worship adjoining the Western Wall, but notes: “the question remains if the worship decision is an aberration or will be recorded as the first in a number of enlightened reforms in Israel’s religious practice.”Haaretz calls for an end to the destruction of Palestinian domestic buildings in the hills south of Hebron, and … [Continue reading]

Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press

MFASummaryNewHaaretzJerusalem PostYediot AharonotMa’arivGlobesIsrael Hayom   The Jerusalem Post discusses a new issue raised in the recent OECD report concerning Israel, the lack of free market competition, and states that “too many Israeli industries take advantage of Israeli citizens and charge them a premium because they have managed to manipulate the political system to their benefit.” The editor believes that “Only a grassroots movement similar to the one of the summer of 2011, but with clearer objectives, can hope to bring about real change,” but notes: “There is little room … [Continue reading]

Measuring the Hate: The State of Antisemitism in Social Media

This major new report highlights that not enough is being done to combat antisemitism in social media. Tracking over 2,000 items of antisemitism over the last 10 months, it found that only 20% of the items were removed.   A major new report prepared for the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism, "Measuring the Hate: The Full Article … [Continue reading]

MK Hanegbi: Defense Committee will monitor IDF`s treatment of journalists during sensitive events in Judea and Samaria in order to prevent violence that tarnishes Israel`s name

The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday held an open discussion on a motion for a quick debate submitted by MK Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Camp) regarding the violence employed by security forces against reporters covering Judea and Samaria and other conflict areas throughout the country. According to Svetlova, journalists are viewed as ”enemies Full Article … [Continue reading]

Approved in first reading: Detention of infiltrators limited to one year


The Knesset on Monday night passed the first reading of a new amendment to the anti-infiltration law, which would allow the state to hold infiltrators in the Negev’s ”Holot” detention facility for up to 12 months. In August the Supreme Court ruled … [Continue reading]

Knesset passes ”stop-and-frisk law”


The Knesset plenum on Monday night passed a law allowing security services to stop and frisk for unlicensed weapons individuals who appear suspicious. Thirty-nine MKs supported the bill in its third and final reading, while 31 opposed the … [Continue reading]

Knesset approves PM Netanyahu`s permanent appointment as Economy Minister


The Knesset Plenum approved Monday evening the government`s request to appoint Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the permanent Economy Minister, this after three months in which he served as acting Economy Minister following Shas leader Aryeh … [Continue reading]

Head of Diaspora Affairs Committee: ”Israelis not sufficiently aware of Russian Jewry`s suffering during World War Two”


The Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs launched on Monday the Hebrew translation of a book titled ”Evacuation – Memories of Childhood Scorched by Fire of the Holocaust”, which was originally written in Russian … [Continue reading]