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Israel Palestinians Palestinian suspected of planning terror attack arrested in Jalazone

El Al grounds Dreamliner plane after crack found in passenger's window

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi forces seize oil city Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance

United States +1 Islamic State Pentagon: US strike on Islamic State camps in Yemen kills dozens

North Korea +2 US official says not ruling out eventual direct talks with N.Korea

Europe +2 Donald Trump Key US Republican says Trump must work with Europe on Iran

Cop threatens to shoot protestors at Haredi demonstration

Israel Facebook Is Facebook trying to silence Israeli journalists and activists?

United States Donald Trump Woman accusing Trump of misconduct subpoenas presidential campaign

Israel IDF +1 Government advancing bill to ban Breaking the Silence — report

Israel Netanyahu With Netanyahu, it’s all about political survival

United States Donald Trump Trump against postmodernism

Israel Harvey Weinstein +1 Jewish women share tales of harassment, and a rabbi atones for his fellow men

Iraq +2 Donald Trump +2 US 'not taking sides' in Iraqi-Kurdish dispute -Trump

United States Donald Trump Woman accusing Trump of misconduct subpoenas presidential campaign

Israel Bennett, bent on destruction

Israel +1 Stars, stripes and violence

Israel Hamas Israel doesn't take action following Hamas-Fatah deal, despite calls to severe ties with PA

Israel +2 Syrian +1 Israel’s message to Russia sent in Syria, received in Tel Aviv

Israel +1 Raqqa +1 Woman rips off oppressive garments as Raqqa liberated from IS

Iran +1 Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu tells Iranian foreign minister to quit Twitter

Israel Sukkah blocks Brooklyn woman from escaping apartment fire

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Funds not yet in for Gaza plant that would stop sewage from marring Israel, too

Israel Is it OK for me to criticize the occupation even though I no longer live in Israel?

Palestinian Territories +1 Catalonia Catalonia isn't Palestine

Austria +1 EU congratulates Austria's Kurz but uneasy about possible ruling partner

Israel +1 Israel declares Ukraine safe, removing hurdle to rejecting citizens' asylum requests

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu congratulates Austria’s Kurz, but silent on partnership with far right

United States Donald Trump Hate Trump? You'll love Michael Moore's new Broadway show

North Korea +2 N.Korea warns states: Don't join any US action and you're safe

Israel Jerusalem 8 ultra-Orthodox protestors arrested in Jerusalem riot

Iran +2 Donald Trump Trump bashes Schumer for not backing his Iran moves

Germany +1 German German neo-Nazi convicted of Holocaust denial — again

Israel Anne Frank +1 Halloween retailer pulls Anne Frank costume amid complaints

New El Al aircraft grounded over cracked window

Israel Toddler killed after fall from bike

Israel Israeli race car driver Alon Day wins first NASCAR championship

Israel Israeli scientist predicted effects seen in historic neutron star study

Israel West Bank Labor head says he won’t evacuate settlements under peace deal

Israel A modern dance fest rooted in Jewish values

Israel Gaza Strip Israel to temporarily extend Gaza fishing area

Ireland +1 Ophelia One dead, thousands without power in Ireland as freak storm hits

Politics and civil service

Israel New leader of Israeli left: We don't need to evacuate settlements if there's a peace deal

Afghanistan +1 Four nations meet to resume stalled Afghan peace talks in Oman

Democratic Republic of the Congo +2 Britain +1 Congo elected to UN rights council; Britain, US unhappy

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi forces seize oil city Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance

Israel +1 Netanyahu +1 Lieberman kicks off Russian defense minister's Israel visit: 'We don’t always agree, but we're always open'

Iran +2 Donald Trump Trump says ‘total termination’ of Iran nuclear deal possible

Iran +3 Tel Aviv Russian defense minister lands in Israel for talks on Syria, Iran

Israel +1 Abu Dhabi Israeli judo team banned from competing under national flag in Abu Dhabi

Israel Jerusalem Anonymous investors sought 400% profit on church land deal — report

Twitter +1 Actor says he will donate salary from Woody Allen film to abuse victims

Israel Harvey Weinstein +2 Woody Allen clarifies remarks on Harvey Weinstein: ‘He is a sad, sick man’

Donna Karan +3 John Oliver blasts Harvey Weinstein 'sex criminal version of the Kool-Aid Man'

Commissioner Alsheich denies leaks on PM's investigations came from the police

Israel Scientists witness huge cosmic crash, find origins of gold

Israel +2 Donald Trump +2 Hillary Clinton accuses WikiLeaks of blunting impact of crude Trump tape

Israel +1 Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu warns Syria Israel prepared to strike ‘as needed’

Iraq +2 Kurds US military, in Iraq, urges Iraqis, Kurds to avoid escalation

Kurdistan +1 Kurds US military urges Iraqis, Kurds to avoid violent escalation

Israel More disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport

Israel Tel Aviv Mon: Teva sinks further as TASE slips

Israel Coca Cola fails to dissuade Israel Tax Authority on huge debt

United States New Jersey US jury finds New Jersey man guilty in 2016 Manhattan bombing

Iraq +3 Kurds US-led coalition urges Baghdad, Kurds to avoid ‘escalatory actions’

Japan Japan's Abe on track for 'super majority' victory which would allow him to rearm the country

Israel Police Police officer suspected of bringing attack dog into questioning of minors

Israel +1 Statue of nationalist blamed for pogroms against Jews unveiled in Ukraine

Israel +1 Hillel International threatened to cut ties with Israeli government over database of U.S. Jewish students

Europe +1 Israeli NASCAR driver crowned European champion

Israel +1 Nikki Haley +1 Pence to attend Israeli event marking UN acceptance of 1947 Partition Plan

Israel IDF +1 WATCH: IDF orphans celebrate Bar Mitzva at the Western Wall

United States Donald Trump +1 Trump reportedly joked that Mike Pence 'wants to hang all gay people'

Israel Collision of two neutron stars sends ripples through space-time – and scientific community

Iran +2 Donald Trump +2 Trump conjures anti-Semitic 'dual loyalty' canard, sends critic Schumer to 'tell that to Israel, Chuck'

Israel +1 Netanyahu Netanyahu on Syria: 'Anyone who tries to harm us will be hit'

Israel Israel targets fashion industry over underweight models

Spain Catalan Spanish prosecutor asks for Catalan police chief to be held in custody

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance

Israel Harvey Weinstein +2 Thousands respond ‘me too’ to actress’s Twitter prompt on sexual abuse

Israel +1 Abu Dhabi Israel says judo team barred from wearing national emblems in UAE

Israel +1 Lebanon awards exploration license bordering Israeli waters

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 U.S. exit from UNESCO took Israel by surprise, was uncoordinated

Israel +1 New York +1 Israel's Jewish religious fanaticism is infiltrating America

Israel +1 Israel approves new Jewish apartment complex in Hebron despite US pressure

Iraq +1 Turkish cabinet agrees to close air space to N.Iraq

Austria +1 Austrian Far right jockeys for power in new Austrian government

Israel Salinger to require responsible investments disclosure

Samsung +1 Samsung Note 8 boosts Suny

Israel Knesset to discuss binary options bill next week

Israel Intel Israel setting up AI center

Israel +1 After Haaretz report, Israeli government suspends controversial plan to set up database of Jewish students in U.S.

Iran +2 Donald Trump +1 Netanyahu does victory lap on U.S. Sunday shows after Trump's Iran deal speech

Israel +1 IDF +1 Neutralizing Syrian battery draws a new Israeli red line

Kurdistan +2 Islamic State +2 Kurdish-led, U.S. backed forces clearing last ISIS-held pocket of Syria's Raqqa

Boeing El Al hopes new 787 aircraft will prove dream ticket for passengers, but future still cloudy

Israel Australians keen on Israeli shares as offerings rise

Israel +1 IDF +1 After IAF strikes anti-aircraft battery, Syria warns of ‘dangerous consequences’

Israel Palestinians +1 For first time in 15 years, Israel okays new homes for Hebron settlers

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi forces remove Kurdish flag from Kirkuk governorate building

Turkey Turkey detained more than 1,200 people in last week

Egypt Sinai At least seven killed by Islamic militants in Sinai church attack, bank robbery

Israel Palestinians +1 Palestinian cousins convicted of murder for deadly 2016 Sarona attack

Israel Jerusalem An exalted food fest at Open Restaurants Jerusalem

Germany +2 German +1 When a Jewish laborer took on 20,000 US Nazis in Madison Square Garden

Iraq +2 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi forces seize key Kirkuk government compound unopposed by Kurdish forces

Iran +1 Iran's Larijani says Tehran has a plan if US withdraws from nuclear pact

Iran +2 Barack Obama +1 Trump lashes out at Schumer over Iran deal U-turn: 'Tell that to Israel'

Israel +1 Why Syria didn't retaliate to the last Israeli strike

Israel Hamas +1 Veneer of positivity fades in Palestinian unity talks as tough issues surface

Jordan WATCH: WWE signs first Arab woman wrestler

Israel +2 After Israel's rare strike in Syria, Assad regime warns of 'dangerous consequences'

Israel Harvey Weinstein +2 Mayim Bialik slammed for advocating modesty after Weinstein allegations

Israel Jerusalem +1 UN warns Bezeq on settlements

Israel Syrian Syrian army warns Israel of 'ramification of repeated aggression' after counter-attack

Israel Health Ministry warns public to avoid Lyme disease-ridden caves

Europe +5 Donald Trump +1 EU’s Mogherini in Washington ‘early November’ to defend Iran deal

Israel August Israel's housing market continues to cool

Israel Israeli Labor Party leader’s hawkish message to Arab states: You fire one missile – we’ll fire 20

North Korea +2 Asia +1 Trump to visit Asia Nov. 3-14, focus on North Korea, alliances

Israel Facebook Us, too

Israel Western Wall Jerusalem’s long lost ancient Roman theater revealed in Old City excavations

Iraq +2 Iraqi Kurdish +2 US-led anti-IS coalition says Iraqi-Kurdish clash in Kirkuk is misunderstanding

Lebanon Syrian Lebanese president: Syrian refugees should return home to safe areas

Israel +1 Catalonia Amid uncertainty, Spain gives Catalans 3 days to rethink independence

Australia +1 Australian lawmaker accused of taking sick leave to visit Israel

Harvey Weinstein +1 Mayim Bialik slammed for response to Weinstein sex scandal

Iran +3 Jerusalem +1 Israel strike in Syria: Putin turning blind eye to Israeli attacks, as long as Assad survives

Egypt +1 Islamic State +1 Islamic State claims responsibility for Sinai rocket attack on Israel

Iraq +1 Kurds Iraqi Kurds say Baghdad will pay heavy price for assault

Lebanon Syrian Lebanon president calls for return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon

Israel +1 Palestinians MKs take Israel-Palestinian conflict off international assembly's agenda

Israel Netanyahu Which hunt

Israel Israeli Arabs are breaking their silence

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu defends his critique of the police, calling leaks and criticism 'fake news'

Iraq +2 Kirkuk +1 Kurdish fighters said withdrawing from Kirkuk as Iraqi forces advance

Israel Sinai 7 dead as extremists rob bank, attack church in Egypt’s Sinai

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu's government pushing law to make investigating a sitting prime minister illegal

"Teva unlikely to remain priced below Mylan"

European Union +3 EU vows to save Iran deal, fears for North Korea mediation

Egypt Sinai Militants kill six in attack in Egypt's Sinai -security sources

Austrian Austrian elections leave opening for far-right, Nazi founded party to enter the government

Lebanon Syrian Lebanon president calls for return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon

Israel Islamic State +1 Islamic State claims responsibility for rockets fired at Israel from Sinai

Israel +1 Israel strike in Syria: What we know so far

Egypt Sinai Report: Militants kill six in attack in Egypt's Sinai

Israel Jerusalem +1 Israel launches new plan to ‘defend Jerusalem’ in international arena

Europe +5 Donald Trump EU vows to save Iran deal, fears for North Korea mediation

Syria +1 Raqqa +1 Field commander in US-backed Syrian forces expects Raqqa fight to end Monday

Israel Islamic State +1 ISIS claims responsibility for rockets fired at Israel from Sinai

Israel +2 IDF +1 Israel destroys anti-aircraft battery in Syria after it fires at IDF jets

Israel Islamic State +1 Islamic State group in Sinai claims rockets fired on southern Israel

Egypt +1 IDF +2 ISIS claims responsibility for rocket fire at Israel from Sinai

Israel Netanyahu Immunity bill for prime minister to face key vote

Make-believe Friends

Iraq +2 Kurds Report: Turkey ready to cooperate with Iraq against Kurdish militants

Israel +1 Palestinians Palestinian Authority PM meets with US Envoy Greenblatt in Ramallah

Austria +1 Hungary happy with Kurz victory in Austria

Germany +1 Germany's Gabriel warns of military escalation over Iran deal

United States Anne Frank Anne Frank becomes a halloween costume on US site

Israel Jerusalem +1 Massive section of Western Wall and Roman theater uncovered after 1,700 years

China +1 Hong Kong-based fund hold 14% of Telit

Israel Syrian Israeli air force destroys Syrian anti-aircraft battery in retaliatory strike

Syrian IAF retaliates against Syrian surface-to-air missile battery

Iran +1 Donald Trump Hate Trump. Love his stance on Iran

Israel +1 Israeli army strikes anti-aircraft battery in Syria near Damascus

Iran +3 Kirkuk +1 In Iraq's Kirkuk: U.S. weapons vs. U.S. weapons as Kurds fight back Shi'ite militias

North Korea +2 Report: Russia condemns North Korea nuclear tests

Israel Jerusalem +1 Bank of Jerusalem sells brokerage portfolio to Meitav Dash

Israel IDF +1 Two senior IDF officers among suspects in new graft affair

Israel Palestinians PM's spokesman: Hezbollah recruited Palestinian to carry out attacks against Israel

Philippines Islamic State Philippines vows to crush pro-Islamic State groups after 2 leaders killed

Israel IDF +1 2 IDF officers, 10 civilians suspected of defrauding army of ‘huge sums’

Israel +2 Donald Trump Israeli startup develops 'ultimate truth machine' – claims Assad wasn't behind chemical attack

Egypt Islamic State +1 ISIS militants attack church in Egypt's Sinai with grenades and assault rifles

Israel When your spouse loses religion

Israel Before you judge the women

Israel +1 IDF +1 WATCH: Putin tells a joke about the IDF

Iraq +1 Kurds Iraqi forces capture North Oil Co. from Kurdish forces

Israel IDF IDF soldier lightly-to-moderately hurt after car rolls downhill in her direction

Israel Cafe manager charged with stealing NIS 200,000 with pretend freebies

Israel IDF IDF soldier moderatley injured by military vehicle

Iraq +1 Kurds Iraqi forces capture North Oil Co. from Kurdish forces; no disruption to oil production

Israel Jerusalem +1 Author of new book on Better Place crash to speak at launch in Jerusalem

Israel The older girls saved me from sex abuse

Syria +1 Islamic State +1 US-led air strikes continue in Islamic State-held Raqqa

Iraq +3 Kirkuk +1 Kurds report casualties in Iraqi army assault on Kirkuk

France +2 US Congress Report: France hopes US Congress won't jeopardize Iran deal

Spain Catalan Spanish government says Catalan response not valid - media

Somalia Death toll from Somalia bombings jumps to over 300

Israel Police Kindergarten evacuated after unexploded shell found next door

Canada +1 Bombs kill Pakistani soldiers hunting US-Canadian family's kidnappers


Iraq Kirkuk Iraq says captures positions south of Kirkuk including airbase

Catalan Catalan leader fails to spell out independence stance, calls for talks

United States Donald Trump Trump's Suez Moment

More Jewish, less religious

Israel IDF Israeli police detained 12 in alleged IDF fraud scheme

Israel +1 Israel improves slightly in global bribery-risk ranking

Israel +1 Israel to create database of all U.S. Jewish college students for outreach efforts

Iraq +2 Islamic State +2 Iraqi army takes on Kurds in disputed territory

Israel +1 Catalan +1 Catalan leader’s letter leaves Spain in dark over independence intentions

Israel Flights delayed, baggage stuck in brief Ben Gurion seasonal workers’ strike

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraq says captures positions south of Kirkuk from Kurdish forces

Spain Catalan Catalan leader fails to clarify independence stance in letter to Spanish PM

Spain Catalan Catalan leader fails to clarify independence stance to Spanish PM

Iraq +2 Islamic State +2 Kurdish forces launch 'major, multi-pronged' attack on Iraqi city Kirkuk

Somalia Death toll from weekend bombing in Somalia jumps to 263

Israel +1 Catalonia Independence decision looms for Catalonia leader

Somalia Death toll in Somalia bombing jumps to 263

European Union +3 Donald Trump Bucking Trump, EU ministers to voice ‘full support’ for Iran nuke deal

Israel +1 US university offers full four-year marijuana degree

Israel West Bank Twelve wanted suspects arrested overnight in West Bank

Harvey Weinstein +2 Woody Allen ‘sad’ about Harvey Weinstein, worried about a ‘witch hunt’

Venezuela Opposition challenges Venezuelan socialists' vote win, urges protests

Israel Two men found shot dead in car in northern Israel

North Korea +2 Navy US, South Korea conduct joint Navy drills to counter N.Korea threat

Islamic State +1 Pro-Islamic State leaders killed by Philippine troops - defence minister

Sinai Death toll in suspected IS Sinai attack rises to 7 soldiers

Islamic State +1 Defense Minister: Pro-Islamic State leaders killed by Philippine troops

Israel +1 Uruguayan Holocaust memorial vandalized with anti-Semitic slurs

France +2 Britain +1 In Nazi-occupied Britain, graves at Alderney’s ‘Little Auschwitz’ may be defiled

Israel +1 Israel suspends plan to set up database of Jewish students in US

Philippine Philippine army says unconfirmed reports two key rebel leaders dead

Israel +1 Donald Trump ‘I’m intact,’ Tillerson says, brushing off drama with Trump

Iran +2 Nikki Haley +1 Nikki Haley: US to ‘stay’ in Iran nuke deal, aim to ‘make it better’

Israel Austrian Austrian poised to become Europe’s 1st millennial leader

Iraq Kirkuk Iraqi forces take control of 'vast areas' in Kirkuk region

Israel +1 Barack Obama +1 Israel breaks ground on new units for East Jerusalem Jewish neighborhood

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi forces start advancing toward Kurdish-held Kirkuk

Israel Gaza Strip +1 The closure of the West Bank and Gaza has lasted 26 years

Israel Why Israeli athletes hardly if ever take a knee

Egypt +1 Gaza Strip Reconcilition in Gaza provides Israel with an opportunity

Israel The road to becoming Israeli prime minister runs through Arab towns

Israel Harvey Weinstein A photographic guide to 180 of NY’s most beautiful historic Orthodox synagogues

Israel Israeli prisoner denied early release after alleged bureaucratic mistake pays wrong fine

Israel Netanyahu For Netanyahu, now even Israel's right-wing police chief is 'leftist'

Iran +3 White House Saudi king hails Trump’s ‘visionary’ new Iran strategy, White House says

Israel Jerusalem +1 Agreement on state bailout for Hebrew University of Jerusalem said to be near

Israel A left for Jews only

Israel Foxtrot’s Samuel Maoz talks fate, potted meat, ministerial controversy

Israel +1 How we’re distancing American Jews

Israel Minister launches drive to shutter Israeli public broadcaster that he's threatened to sue

Israel Last call for flights out of Haifa International Airport after Cypriot airline quits

Lebanon Only one bidder for Lebanon offshore energy blocks

Argentina +3 World Cup Jewish coach leads Colombia national soccer team into World Cup

France +1 Harvey Weinstein Macron: France to strip disgraced producer Weinstein of Legion of Honor

Israel Israeli consumer prices rose surprise 0.1% in September

Israel The Ticker: Israel's Teva shares take new tumble amid renewed concerns about Copaxone fallout

Israel million Plans for luxury underwater hotel in Eilat make waves among ecologists

Egypt +1 IDF +1 Two rockets fired from Sinai on Israel

Israel Netanyahu +1 Heating up tensions with police chief, PM playing with fire

Israel Parks Authority fudging geological dates to spare ultra-Orthodox

Israel Delays felt at Ben Gurion Airport following dismissal of 200 temps

Haaretz Cartoon

France Harvey Weinstein French president moves to revoke Weinstein's Legion of Honor

Israel +2 IDF +1 Israel to set up parliamentary probe into foreign funding of human rights groups

Egypt +1 Sinai Two rockets fired into Israel from Sinai, no injuries

Leaks and investigations

Israel Gaza Strip +2 IDF: Two rockets detected as being launched from Sinai toward Eshkol Regional Council near Gaza.

Israel Gaza Strip Rocket alarm sirens sound in Israeli communities near Gaza border

Code Red alert sounded in Eshkol Regional Council

Israel Gaza Strip Rocket alert sounds in communities bordering Gaza

Israel +1 California California cantor turns prime-time rabbi

Israel Palestinians Labor Party Chairman Gabbay: 'Unsure a Palestinian partner exists'

Egypt Sinai Suspected IS militants kill 6 soldiers in Egypt's Sinai

Egypt +1 Sinai Egypt reneges on Rafah Border Crossing reopening following Sinai attack

Austrian Austrian conservative leader sees many options on coalitions

Austria +2 Vladimir Putin Austria election: Far-right's success may lead to escalating anti-Muslim rhetoric

Israel Netanyahu Jewish history and Netanyahu's Bible circle

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu's police probes enter the decisive round

Europe +1 Israeli race car driver wins NASCAR's European championship

Israel +1 As Venezuela votes, Israel calls for ‘free, fair and credible elections’

Egypt +1 Islamic State +1 Three Egyptian soldiers killed in multiple Sinai attacks

North Korea +2 North Korea lawmaker: Need nukes because of US threat

Israel +1 New York +1 NY art museum to display iconic Israeli tembel hat

Israel +1 Netanyahu Netanyahu supports tax cuts for NIS 20,000-30,000 bracket

Austria Sebastian Kurz Austria election: Three key takeaways from the night of the right

Israel Jerusalem East Jerusalem man arrested for attempted Molotov cocktail attack

Iran +2 Donald Trump +1 Trump and the dismantling of Obama’s legacy

Somalia 231 killed in deadliest single attack in Somalia's history

Israel +1 Palestinians +2 US launches $10 million water project in West Bank

Israel Ireland’s Jewish population rose by nearly 29% in 5 years

Europe +1 Israeli racecar driver wins NASCAR European championship

Egypt Sinai Suspected IS militants kill 3 soldiers in Egypt's Sinai

Israel +1 Harvey Weinstein +1 London police receive new assault claims against Weinstein

Austrian Austrian chancellor says to stay despite election loss

Youth injured while throwing Molotov cocktail at cops in J'lem

Israel +1 Israel to create database of all U.S. Jewish college students for outreach efforts

Israel Israel's ruling coalition to form parliamentary inquiry committee probing foreign funding of left-wing groups

Iran +2 Donald Trump +2 Netanyahu praises Trump for ‘bold decision’ on Iran deal

Austrian +1 Projection: Social Democrats overtake far right in Austrian vote

Egypt Sinai +1 Hundreds of casulaties in alleged attack on Egyptian army checkpoint in Sinai

Israel +1 Kansas State U sukkah done in by weather, not vandals

Israel Hamas +2 Israel's security cabinet to discuss policy toward Palestinian reconciliation on Monday

Iran +2 Iraq says Iran has shut border with Kurdistan

Iraq +1 Kirkuk +1 Iraqi government says Kurds brought PKK fighters to Kirkuk in 'declaration of war'

Israel +2 British +1 Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12,000

Iran +2 Donald Trump Iran foreign minister: Trump speech violated nuclear deal