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Israel Jedi +1 The Israeli producer behind 'The Last Jedi'

Germany +1 German German president condemns anti-Israel protests in call with Rivlin

Israel A Jewish resurrection story - and its startling price

Israel Gaza Strip +1 IN PICTURES: Gazans celebrate 30 years of Hamas

Israel +1 Christmas +3 Nazareth cancels Christmas celebrations to protest US move on Jerusalem

Israel +1 Turkey Deputy PM claims Israel falsely accused local Turkish aid official

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 At 30th anniversary rally, Hamas vows to force US reversal on Jerusalem

Iraq +1 Family of Miss Iraq flee country after photo posted with Miss Israel

Code Red alert in Eshkol was false alarm

Code Red siren sounded at Eshkol Regional Council

Israel Netanyahu +1 Haniyeh: 'Netanyahu betting on little Palestinian resistance'

Israel +2 Jerusalem Lebanon FM: 'We will build embassy in east Jerusalem, Palestine's capital'

Israel +1 Arab +1 Haniyeh: 'We returned Palestine, Jerusalem to center of Arab world'

Israel BREAKING: Rocket alarm sirens blare in southern Israel

Europe +2 Israel approves deal with European Union that excludes settlements

Israel Gaza Strip Rocket alert sirens heard near the Gaza Strip border

Israel Hanukkah +1 Jews who saved other Jews from Nazis faced dilemmas too difficult for Solomon

Iraq Islamic State +1 Iraq hangs 38 members of Islamic State, al-Qaeda for ‘terrorism’

Israel Netanyahu Sarah Netanyahu claims court has no authority in her case

Mali +1 'And then the Nazis told me, you’re going to Palestine'

United Kingdom +1 Britain +2 Britain First leader whom Trump re-tweeted ordered to avoid rallies

Israel +2 move Male and female rabbis praise US embassy move

Israel Gaza Strip Israel shutters sole commercial crossing between Gaza and outside world

Alena debuts at The Norman

Egypt +1 Arab +3 Hamas marks 30th anniversary of Gaza rule during time of hardship and creeping conflict

Israel Israeli police dog sniffs out illegal firearms

Venezuela Bitcoin +1 Venezuela becomes a surprising Bitcoin hub as its economy faces major crisis

Minister +1 State’s witness casts suspicion on minister’s campaign funding — report

Saudi Arabia +1 Donald Trump +1 US peace plan not finalized, but efforts 'serious,' says Saudi's Jubeir

Iraq +1 Russia back Iraq's unity in Kurd dispute

Israel Jerusalem When the Ottomans surrendered Jerusalem four times in one day

Israel +1 Texas Israeli man kills daughter, 9, in Texas murder-suicide

United States December Flames unseen

Israel Palestinians +1 Former residents of evacuated West Bank outpost to be housed on private Palestinian land

Russia +1 Assad +3 UN Syria envoy makes rare statement urging Putin to have the 'courage' to push Assad out

Israel Neo Nazi Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer's tips for writing about Jews revealed

United States Mideast +1 Saudis:US Mideast peace plan not finalized, but efforts 'serious'

China +1 Jerusalem +1 China: We back independent Palestinian state based on '67 borders with capital East Jerusalem

Israel +1 Arab +4 Analysis: Trump Jerusalem move doesn't contradict Arab Peace Initiative

United States Charlottesville +3 Alleged Charlottesville car-rammer due in court for charges

Jordan Jordan pilot announces ‘Jerusalem, capital of Palestine’ during flyover

Israel Teva Teva layoffs leave Israel sickened

Iraq Iraq hangs 38 Sunni militants in mass execution

Wednesday Pence pushes off trip by three days, now set to arrive Wednesday

Poland The myth of an eternally anti-Semitic Poland

Israel Teva Israeli drugmaker Teva to cut quarter of global work force

Iraq +2 Syrian +1 Putin: US ignores Russian information on Syrian fighters traveling to Iraq

United States Teva Teva announces 14,000 layoffs worldwide

Israel Teva Startup CEOs invite Teva workers to join their ranks

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Hamas marks 30th anniversary at low point of Gaza rule

Israel Minister +2 PM to Teva boss: Minimize damage to workers, especially in periphery

Teva Exchange of Teva stock halted

Teva Ailing drug-maker Teva to cut 14,000 jobs globally in effort to recover

Netherlands +1 Facebook Watch: Lighting the Hanukka flame in Amsterdam and Lisbon

Israel +1 US Embassy Beduin grandmothers promote child safety in Negev

Israel Netanyahu +1 Teva, riddled by debt, set to lay off nearly half of its Israeli workforce

Iraq Iraq hangs 38 Sunni militants in mass execution

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Hamas marks 30th anniversary at low point of Gaza rule

North Korea +3 N.Korea +1 Putin warns against US strike on N.Korea

Zionist Union sets out plan to combat corruption

European Union EU agency to launch major antisemitism survey in 2018

Israel IDF +1 In Sderot, defense minister tells everyone to ‘relax’ about rocket attacks

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Trump’s green light for Israeli annexation and transfer in Jerusalem

Israel Ben Gurion Histadrut to shut down Ben Gurion Airport Sunday 8am-12pm

United Arab Emirates +1 Arab +3 Treating bumps and humps: Dubai opens first of its kind $10 million camel hospital

Israel Netanyahu +1 Netanyahu calls on Teva CEO to minimize damage to Israeli workers

Russia +1 Turkey, Russia may sign S-400 purchase deal this week

Harvey Weinstein +4 Salma Hayek pens harrowing account of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein

Germany German Germans protest sale of Nazi toy soldiers on internet

North Korea +3 N.Korea +1 Putin warns against US strike on N.Korea

United States Barack Obama +1 What is net neutrality? And, how does today's decision affect you?

Why is Abortion so Important to Israelis?

Israel Gaza Strip Defense minister urges Gaza border residents to keep calm and carry on

Israel trade Israel Postal Co expanding Modi'in online trade center

Russia +1 Vladimir Putin Putin says Russia won't be dragged into new arms race with USA

Israel +1 Islamic State +2 Islamic State threatens US attacks over Jerusalem decision-statement

Israel +1 Jerusalem Why the outcry over Jerusalem?

Israel Gaza Strip +2 IDF Spokesman: Hamas is playing with fire

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 77 Palestinians arrested in Jerusalem in days since anti-Trump riots

Israel +1 Jerusalem +2 Erdogan and Abbas bark about Jerusalem, but their threats have no bite

Iraq +1 Miss Israel: Iraqi contestant’s family forced to flee country over joint selfie

Teva +1 Hundreds protest at Teva plant following layoffs announcement

Russia +1 Vladimir Putin Putin: Russia won't be dragged into new arms race with US

Israel Meghan +1 Meghan Markle may wear an Israeli-designed wedding dress

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 37 Palestinian rioters arrested in East Jerusalem police raids

European Union EU Parliament fails to skewer shawarma meat phosphates

Israel Ashdod Port petitions Labor Court against worker sanctions

Russia Kremlin +1 Putin says will run as independent candidate for new Kremlin term

Israel IDF Sdot Negev Regional Council head to IDF: 'Respond to rockets even if it leads to escalation'

Russia Earth Russian space capsule with 3 astronauts returns to Earth

North Korea +1 Korea +1 UN investigator to review North Korean abduction claims

Germany German Report: German police arrest suspects linked to market attacker

Israel Gaza Strip +1 After a dozen Gaza rockets in a week, Israel is being backed into a corner

United States Facebook +1 Kentucky lawmaker accused of sex assault dies in apparent suicide

Iran +1 Houthi +1 Iran may be defying call to halt ballistic missile development, UN chief says

Katzav appeals parole board's refusal to revoke his nightly house arrest

India Indian Hindu tried to raise money with video of killing of Muslim

Israel Gaza Strip +2 IDF: We won’t abide anything less than total calm in Gaza

Israel New York City Orthodox synagogue in NYC discontinues LGBT wedding announcements following complaint

Pakistan George Soros +1 Pakistan to shut down George Soros Foundation among other aid groups

Why Jewish day schools are breathing a little easier on the tax bill

Israel Carmel Tunnels toll cut

Greece +2 U.S Greece Supreme Court backs extraditing Russian bitcoin laundering suspect to U.S.

Israel +1 Britain +1 Four UK-Israel stem cell projects nab £1.5 million in funding

Israel +1 Israel’s possibilities for (energy) cooperation with Saudi Arabia

Israel Hamas +2 IDF seizes ‘incitement materials’ at West Bank universities

Suicide bomber kills 17 at Somali police academy

Egypt +1 Egypt minister set to sign deal to resume Russian flights

Holocaust A boy murdered for his gelt and 4 other wild Hanukka stories from the past

Israel IDF IDF: 'Anything other than total quiet in south will not be tolerated'

Israel +1 Texas Israeli shoots daughter in murder-suicide in Texas

WATCH: Students break record for largest human menorah

Russia +1 Assad +2 UN Syria envoy urges Putin to have 'courage' to push Assad

Teva Dozens of Kiryat Shmona Teva workers planning to block roads in north

Middle East Canaanites of Hazor risked farming dainty sheep, while neighbors stuck to goats

Israel +1 New York Flagship liberal Orthodox synagogue in New York to stop announcing LGBT weddings

Israel +1 Texas Israeli father in Texas murders daughter, kills himself

Egypt Egyptian Egypt arrests supporters of ex-prime minister and presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafik

United States Swastikas drawn in classroom of Boston-area Jewish teacher

Netherlands +1 Damascus +1 Amsterdam kosher eatery assailant was reportedly ex-fighter from Syria

Israel +1 Hanukkah +1 Pence’s visit to Israel delayed over US tax reform vote

Israel Gaza Strip +2 After rocket fire, Sderot mayor urges IDF to ‘strike without mercy’

Israel +1 Knesset +4 Mike Pence postpones Israel visit amid crisis in U.S. peace initiative

Drones becoming greatest threat to planes, says expert

China The Undiscovered Circle of Illegal Chinese Workers

Russia +1 Donald Trump +2 Trump's eldest son testifies to US Senate committee in Russia probe

Iran +1 Turkish banker accused of helping Iran launder money seeks mistrial

Germany +2 Angela Merkel +4 Jewish groups in Germany urge crackdown on anti-Semitic acts after Israeli flags burned at protests

Egypt +1 Russia set to resume civilian flights to Egypt for first time since 2015 tourist jet bombing

Iran United Nations UN chief: Iran may be defying UN on missiles, OK on nukes

Israel +1 Mahmoud Abbas +1 US Jewish leaders accuse Abbas of sounding ‘death knell’ for peace talks

Egypt +1 Egypt minister set to sign deal to resume Russian flights

Israel +1 Knesset +3 US Vice President Mike Pence delays Israel visit

Do Not +2 Do Not Disturb: War

Israel +1 Mike Pence +1 Hebrew media reports: VP Pence postponing Israel visit

Israel Gaza Strip Gaza border crossings to remain closed Thursday due to rocket fire

North Korea +2 N.Korea Russia, N.Korea discuss bilateral 2015 treaty

Israel Gaza Strip +1 IAF strikes 3 Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Israel IDF +2 IDF raids 2 Palestinian universities in West Bank

North Korea +2 N.Korea Russia, N.Korea discuss bilateral 2015 treaty

North Korea +1 N.Korea +1 UN chief warns against 'sleepwalking' into war over N.Korea

Israel IDF +1 Defense Ministry sues nightclub killer of off-duty IDF soldier

Suicide bomber kills at least 13 in Somali capital

Israel +1 Alabama +5 With Roy Moore defeat, US Jews breathe a sigh of relief

A Substandard Discussion

Hanukkah Hanukkah

My neighbors in Qfar Qara

A Peace-Loving Attitude

European Union +1 Jerusalem +1 If EU used its anti-Cartel powers against OPEC, Jerusalem would have peace and prosperity

Teva Histadrut calls general strike Sunday over Teva cuts

Cyprus +2 Greece, Cyprus and Israel – champions of the eastern Mediterranean

Into the Hands of the Few

North Korea +1 N.Korea +1 Guterres: UN resolutions on N.Korea need to be fully implemented

Israel +1 New York Liberal NY Orthodox synagogue to stop announcing LGBT weddings after complaints

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Empty threats from Istanbul, but in Gaza things are heating up for real

Iran +1 Houthi +1 UN chief: Iran may be defying UN on missiles, OK on nukes

United States Hanukkah +2 Amar’e Stoudemire gets into the paint at Miami exhibit with Second Temple canvas

Minister Justice Minister Shaked asks: Why not segregate libraries by sex?

China +1 Taiwan says confident of its defenses after Chinese encirclement drill

Israel Hanukkah Israeli children’s book illustrator sues Habima for copyright violation over production

United States Barack Obama +3 Trump ‘not fit to clean toilets’ at Obama library, says US newspaper

Islamic State The organization that built countries

MKs scold ministries for mistreating Anglo immigrants

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Israel, America’s got your back again

Israel +1 Donald Trump +2 Washington Watch: A nightmare scenario

Israel Jerusalem +1 Encountering Peace: Our Jerusalem

United States Hanukkah +1 New Jersey students break world record for largest human menorah

trade Hazor’s Canaanites risked raising delicate sheep

Israel Eulogy signals heir apparent to Hareidi leader Shteinman

United States Alabama +6 Republicans hope Alabama loss is wakeup call for Trump White House

Israel Soldiers clash with hundreds of rioters in Ramallah

Arab The anti-Arab activist in charge of PR for Israel’s Burning Man fest

Israel decision S. Africa’s ruling party: Israel ties in the balance

Israel Israeli pilots must refuse to fly expelled asylum seekers to their deaths

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Israel strikes Hamas targets in response to Gaza rocket fire

Israel Gaza Strip +3 IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rockets

Israel Gaza Strip +2 IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire

Do Not +2 Do Not Disturb: War

Israel Hamas +1 IDF strikes Hamas targets in response to rocket fire

From Nazis to Churchill: The stink behind Chanel No. 5

Israel Teva General strike called for Sunday over Teva

United States Donald Trump +1 What I learned at the Trump Hanukkah party

Israel Not +1 Not the end for Teva, but maybe for Teva in Israel

Israel +2 London +2 Beer costs more in Tel Aviv than it does in London, and almost as much as in New York

United States US agency to vote on net neutrality rules despite outcry

Japan IOC +2 Israel’s IOC member Gilady keeps place on Tokyo 2020 commission despite allegations

Iran +4 United Nations +1 US present UN with ‘irrefutable evidence’ of illegal Iran arms deals

Denmark +2 Israeli swimmer Toumarkin falls short of podium at Short-Course Europeans

Facebook +4 Social media lights up with celebs’ Hanukkah hashtags

Cup +2 Mac TA takes on Beersheba in Toto Cup final

Germany +1 Jerusalem Jerusalem outplayed by Bayern in Germany

Israel Ben Gurion +1 Histadrut calls for general strike in response to Teva layoffs

Israel Gaza Strip +1 Israel to close Gaza crossings over rocket attacks

United States Bannon +3 Don't get lost in the ecstasy of seeing Moore, Bannon and Trump fail

Israel Gaza Strip Gaza school damaged by failed rocket launch — Israeli general

Israel Jerusalem Jerusalem recognition: A Jewish-Christian reconciliation

Israel Facebook +2 IDF says terrorist rockets aimed for Israel, but hit Gaza School

Subway bomb suspect detained, no bail requested

Erez and Kerem Shalom Crossings to be closed tomorrow

Haaretz Cartoon

Brazil +1 Jewish lawmaker to head city council of major Brazilian city

Israel Teva Union calls strike over thousands of expected Teva layoffs

Egypt +2 Jerusalem +2 Palestinians push for UN resolution rapping Jerusalem decision

Netflix 'Fauda' renewed for 3rd year

Israel Jeremy Corbyn +2 Jeremy Corbyn endorses targeted boycott of Israeli settlements in West Bank, but opposes BDS

United States New Jersey +1 Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens dies, 62

Harvey Weinstein Actress Hayek recounts ‘Frida’ nightmare after rebuffing Weinstein

Israel Rage, glory and Avi Nesher

Belgium +1 November +2 Brussels trial of Paris terror suspect postponed

Israel +1 Israel culture minister urges Haifa mayor to cancel 'Nakba and Return' event at local film festival

Rabbi Shteinman Remembering Rabbi Shteinman

Iran +1 IDF +1 Is the IDF ready for possible interstate war with Iran?

Israel Jerusalem Their ignorance, at our expense

Russia +1 United Nations +1 Putin must nudge Syria into UN peace deal, mediator says

Israel Soccer Soccer star Messi suits up as ambassador for Israeli startup

Israel +1 American Jews Bridging the divide

Israel Bitcoin +4 Bitcoin miner Natural Resources retains Israeli PR firm ahead of regulatory battle

Human rights defenders, or offenders

Europe +1 December December 14, 2017: The European Union's Prism

million TechNation: Bizzabo secures $15 million for events-management platform

Israel Ensuring continued support for Israel's best friends: Evangelicals

Israel PM tells Palestinians to 'work for peace, not extremism'

North Korea +2 White House White House says not right time for talks with North Korea

Lebanon +1 Lebanese Lebanese army to get $120 mln in US aid

Israel Teva +1 Israel labor boss calls half-day strike for Sunday over Teva crisis

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 On Jerusalem, Trump gave Israel all the carrots and doubled down on sticks for the Palestinians

Israel Lionel Messi +1 Israeli startup brings in Lionel Messi in move to develop blockchain-based product line

Israel +1 Donald Trump +1 Trump's Jerusalem declaration exposes the true essence of Zionism

Israel Gaza Strip +2 Iron Dome intercepts two rockets fired at Israel from Gaza — IDF

Israel +1 Labour Labour head Corbyn ‘doesn’t support BDS,’ but would boycott settlements

Israel Gaza Strip Report: Iron dome intercepts 2 rockets from Gaza over southern Israel

Israel Gaza Strip Code Red Alert sounded in Sderot near Gaza Strip

Israel Missile alert sirens sounded in Sderot

When Pushkin spread the rumor that Mozart was poisoned by his rival

Israel Gaza Strip Rocket alarm sirens sound in Israeli communities near Gaza border

Lebanon +1 Washington +1 US to give Lebanon its first attack helicopters

Israel +1 December +1 Former Israeli intel chief displays pre-intifada cluelessness

Christmas +1 Hanukkah, the cure for seasonal affective disorder

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 White House: Abbas’s rhetoric ‘has prevented peace for years’

allegations +1 Is Ari Shavit poised for a comeback?

Teva Labor Federation leader announces general strike over Teva layoffs

Zionist Union unveils plan for fighting corruption

Canada +2 Lebanese +1 Prosecutors urge trial for suspect in Paris synagogue bombing

Israel +1 Alabama +7 Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: December 13, 2017

Iran +4 Gulf Coast of the United States +2 In rare remarks to Saudis, minister says Riyadh could broker peace deal

Israel Three Ladies Three Lattes: When the righteous riot

Israel +1 Arab +4 Grapevine: Exodus from Libya

India +1 Over 40% of Amdocs employees are in India

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Abbas 'distorting' Trump remarks on Jerusalem, and preventing peace, White House says

North Korea +2 White House White House says not right time for talks with North Korea

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 White House: Abbas rhetoric 'prevents peace', Trump still committed to reaching Israeli-Palestinian deal

Schumer +2 Schumer was victim of fake sexual harassment claim

Israel +1 Donald Trump +4 Netanyahu: Abbas's rebuke of Trump 'doesn't impress' us

Ireland +3 Swedish +1 Fattal becomes UK's second biggest hotel chain

Israel Teva Teva's future as an Israeli company in jeopardy

Teva Will Teva actually manage to make the cuts?

Teva Wed: Teva drags TASE down

Compelling cuisine

October New home sales continue to fall

Israel Tel Aviv Under the radar

Turkey Turkish delights

Poland Hanukkah +1 Hanukkah candles lit in Polish parliament

United States Schumer +2 Fake sexual harassment claim targets Senate leader Schumer

Cuba Top 10 Things to do

Putting the ‘GO’ in golden age

Israel +1 Mahmoud Abbas +1 Netanyahu: Abbas's rebuke of US 'doesn't impress' us

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 Thirty-four Palestinians wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in West Bank, Gaza

Cuba Spreading Cuban culture

Police Police: Swastikas found carved into high school desk

Israel ‘Just hunting porcupines,’ claims antiquities robber

Israel Palestinians +2 Gary Lineker sparks debate with video from West Bank

Egypt Supporters of Egypt presidential hopeful arrested, say security sources

English A life in ashes

Israel +1 Arab +2 Arab MKs to skip Pence’s Knesset speech over Jerusalem moves

Church of Holy Sepulchre disavows keymaster’s Pence boycott

Russia +1 Minister +1 In major shift, Putin pushing Russia's military leadership into foreign policy role

United States Chuck Schumer +4 Chuck Schumer victim of fake sexual harassment claim

Israel Netanyahu Netanyahu to be questioned for seventh time in the coming days

Israel Christmas +1 Jerusalem to hand out 150 Christmas trees

Invitation to an intifada: Part 2

Sudan United Nations +2 Wanted Sudan leader attends Turkey’s Islamic summit

Israel Blockchain co Colu raises $14.5m from IDB

Israel +1 IDF Former IDF general and key Israeli Labor Party figure: We were too good in 1967, Palestinians deserved occupation

The life, trial and death of a 'Court Jew' executed 300 years ago

Israel Police Undercover troops infiltrate, break up violent Ramallah protest

Israel West Bank Settlers hurl stones at West Bank village in reported clash

United States Africa +5 'Suck it, Bannon:' How Republicans and African Americans united to defeat Roy Moore

Minister Daycare centers postpone nationwide strike

Israel +1 British +2 British PM May's Hanukkah message: Fighting anti-Semitism includes fighting those who 'question Israel's right to exist'

Bangladesh +1 Akayed Ullah +2 Would-be suicide bomber in New York City faces court hearing

Israel +2 Donald Trump +1 Erdogan: ‘Zionist’ Trump has taken himself out of peace role

December +1 The world’s most famous indie rock Hanukkah tradition makes a comeback

Israel +1 Donald Trump +3 ‘We are the Jews who cried Nazi,’ says Judd Apatow in stand up Netflix special

Israel IDF Former defense chief Ya’alon ‘crossing country’ in bid to replace PM

Scientists astonished to find six new species of silky anteater hiding in plain sight

Germany Jewish groups in Germany urge crackdown on antisemitism

Germany Jewish groups in Germany urge crackdown on anti-Semitic acts

Israel Tel Aviv The White City: How cocaine became commonplace in Tel Aviv's restaurants and bars

Israel +1 New Jersey The strongest girl in the world is a Modern Orthodox Jew from New Jersey

Watch: Lighting a Hanukka 'candle of hope' with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks