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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jerry Jones has proven you can be one of the most powerful men in American sports and a bad franchise owner at the same time. Someone should actually award him a trophy for pulling that off. Lord knows Jones could use a trophy. He'd just lost by 28 points at home to the Philadelphia Eagles?--?the runaway leader in the NFC East -- when he stood outside the Dallas Cowboys ' locker room talking about the mess of a franchise he purchased way back when. "Sure, we have issues," Jones said Sunday night, "but nothing like the issues we had when I came in 1989." Jones mentioned Dan Burke, the late Capital Cities executive who once told the Cowboys owner to never worry about the marriage of TV and the NFL. "No. 1," Burke told him, "I could hire every producer in Hollywood and couldn't come up with all the soap operas that happen on and off the field. That's the NFL. It's made for interest." Jones then added, "It's great to be a...

The Denver Broncos were labeled as soft by general manager John Elway. They didn't respond.

The New England Patriots approached their trip to Denver and Mexico City

No NFL coach would ever talk about clinching a division before the task was at hand. So we'll make up for that

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are the firs team in the Super Bowl era to go from 0-2 to 8-2

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